28 Week Bumpdate

We have officially made it to the 3rd trimester! I am dancing while I type these words. I have not had a threat of pre-term labor but it still feels like an accomplishment to get to this point.

We had two more appointments this week, one with our regular OB and another with the specialist. Luckily, Paul was able to join me on these appointments because he is still on break! We started off at our OB with a sonogram and then follow-up with the doctor. Once again, he was a wiggle machine. This time he was somewhat uncooperative when trying to get his profile or even a small view of his face. His legs were all over the place and he eventually flipped them up over his head. They spent time looking at his cord (which checked out perfectly), heart, amniotic fluid, his “breathing”, and took the usual measurements. We did not get his weight at this appointment but the doctor’s were pleased with his progress. We scheduled our next appointment which will be in two weeks. That will be my last two week wait, after next appointment we will start weekly appointments.

Friday we visited our specialist. I love the sonograms at the specialist, we can see so much of him. Once again, he proved difficult to see his profile or face. This time he had his knees tucked up next to his chin with his ankles crossed. He also had his hands by his head and his cord was tangled up in there. Seeing his cord all over the place is always scary but we are constantly reminded how normal that is. I would have never been able to spot the cord before but now I’ve been so much I can usually tell where part of it is. These are the times I have to keep myself from letting my mind wonder too much…it does no good. However, I will be vigilant on watching his movement & tracking his heartbeat so that makes me feel like I’m doing something.

Now for some great news: this kiddo is tracking to be HUGE. That is not a dramatic statement; he weighed in at 3 lbs 1 oz this week. The doctor’s words were: “well lady, that is impressive!”. I asked if this was an issue and he assured me everything was fine.Two weeks ago, my tests came back borderline for gestational diabetes. I was completely shocked by this as I had zero issues with this last time. My Doctor said it is probably a combination of my family history with diabetes and the back to back pregnancies. So, two days before Christmas I refocused my diet and increased my exercise. It’s been weird to go on a “diet” while pregnant but having gestational diabetes could contribute to baby being unnecessarily large and can cause other problems such as pre-term labor. So, while I lost weight between appointments, baby continued to gain weight. Zero clue how that works -makes no sense to me! The diet and exercise seem to have curbed the gestational diabetes for now but I am going to continue on with what I am doing. I can not control many things but I can control what I’m eating and how much I am exercising.

Our main concern at this moment is that homeboy is still breech. As he has been since at least November. With him growing so well and my silly shaped uterus, this could cause problems with his ability to flip. He will run out of room at some point. With a heart shaped uterus, he will run out of room earlier than normal pregnancies. Both doctor’s spoke to us about this. I think a large part is just to prepare us in case we have to have a c-section. We’re doing some research on how to get baby to flip so if anyone has ideas/suggestions…please feel free to send them my way! I am hopeful he will still flip but honestly, if this is our biggest concern we will take it.

As of 28 weeks (which we hit last Wednesday), we have 9 weeks until we meet this sweet boy. NINE WEEKS! Holy cow. I am so grateful that the time is flying and that he is healthy. I don’t care that we don’t have a name yet and we haven’t totally figured out what we’re doing with this kid when we both go back to work next fall. We still have so much “to-do” to prepare for this baby but we’ll get around to it. For now, I am enjoying his sweet kicks of assurance and the back pain from his chubby butt :).

Thank you (AGAIN) to everyone who has been keeping up with us. Thank you for the well wishes and for the prayers. I have been remarkably calm throughout this pregnancy and in part that is due to the support we have received. I am so grateful.

Cheers to the Bright Side <3.


This is as good of a profile as we could get this week. That is not an arm up by his face..that is his knee cap. The thin white line is his femur bone.
Side by side view of his face in 3D: Left is 20 weeks & right is 28 weeks.


This is a picture from the side. His right hand is visible with the back of it resting on his face. Side view of his nose!
3D sonos still creep me out a little bit. But it is pretty neat to be able to see his chubby little face!

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