25 Week Bumpdate.

Okay this is technically a 25 week 5 days bumpdate. Which is basically 26 weeks so I should probably change my title but I’m too lazy :).

Last update was our 20 week appointments. Since our 20 week appointment we have reached a few more milestones!

  • VIABILITY!!! 24 weeks is viability. Reaching this week means the baby has a greater chance of surviving outside the womb should anything happen. This milestone may not resonate with most but for me it’s huge! If something were to happen, there is a greater chance we can intervene. Nothing is pointing in that direction for this pregnancy but it is a comfort none the less.
  • He has continued to put on weight and grow. Both doctors estimated he weighed in at 1.5lbs during his 24 week appointment. This is wonderful news! I’ve been using the mantra “grow baby grow” when I talk to him. Come on kiddo, keep growing.
  • He is kicking like a maniac and I’m enjoying every second of it. During these appointments, the sonographers did a great job of explaining his positioning. He was breached with his back facing out and his feet hanging out on my bladder again.  That means when he was kicking, he was mainly kicking inwards so I could feel the kicks all over the place. But Paul was just feeling little movements…I thought I was going crazy because he wasn’t feeling what I was feeling. Turns out Paul was touching the back of baby’s head and along his spin so no wonder he couldn’t feel anything!

My 24 week appointment at my OB was longer than my regular appointments. The sonographer  took an extra hard look at everything to check for symptoms of pre-term labor (going into labor prior to 37 weeks). My heart shaped uterus already puts me at risk for pre-term labor so anything in addition is not welcome. Luckily, nothing was found. They also performed an Umbilical Cord Doppler. Prior to this, we checked the blood flow of the cord but this was a longer/more in-depth look at the blood flow within the cord. There was a busy looking chart they pulled up and I was able to see several markers on the graph. They told me this is way to tell if the placenta isn’t functioning properly or if the cord has problems. We suspect something was wrong with Cora’s placenta so I’m always anxious to hear their analysis of the placenta and cord. These extra checks are very comforting to me and makes me feel like we’re doing everything in our power to make sure he is healthy.

My 24 week appointment at the Specialist started much better than last time! They did not put me in the non-stress test room, hoooooray. This sonogram was so much fun because he was an active, crazy man! He was gulping the amniotic fluid, pursing his lips, sucking his thumb, tapping his head, and gave several big kicks. I’ve mentioned before but these sonograms at the specialist are everything to me. I had no clue my last visit with Cora was the last time I’d see her wiggling around so I am laser focused at each visit. I come home and watch the DVD they give me each time. I show Paul the video & send clips to our family. I try to memorize each thing he did that day.

The specialist checked on my mental well-being. I am able to stay relatively calm at these appointments…I’m usually just trying to soak everything in he’s saying and what I am seeing so I feel like I’m usually processing information while he’s trying to check on me. He warned me about slipping on ice and not trying to do too much this holiday season. He told me Crockett looks perfect and he could not be more pleased. I had a mixed reaction to this. And it bothered me but the more “perfect” he is the more I’m afraid of “coasting”. But the alternative would mean something is terribly wrong with him and I would never wish that.

I spoke with my regular OB about my reaction to baby being “perfect”. She said he was “perfect” at my appointment so I pretty much word vomited my fears at her. She said my reaction is normal and most likely an acute form of PTSD. She spoke to me earlier this summer about PTSD and I initially shrugged her off because I didn’t want to appear over dramatic. But then I started having reactions to loud noises and Paul started to notice. I had trouble or anxiety going into crowded places. The combination of loud noises and crowded places was almost crippling. I would pretty much have to stare at a wall to get myself through the situation and thankfully Paul would recognize what was happening and just hold my hand.And get me out of the situation as soon as possible. I couldn’t stand to be separated from Paul or would get worried if I hadn’t heard from him. Intense feelings of lack of control was not something I was accustomed to.

But now, things at the doctor are starting to become triggers. A “perfect” baby…well I had one of those in my belly last year. Or so we thought. My doctor completely understood my fears and reassured me there would be no “coasting” in this pregnancy. Or any after. I am so thankful I am able to talk to my doctor the way I do and that she listens. She cares and doesn’t try to brush aside anything.

A milestone we have not reached is a name. Truth be told, boys names are real hard. But I think more than anything naming this baby brings on one of my biggest triggers. I love Cora’s name. I loved that Paul picked the name out for his daughter (like my father picked my name). I loved the sound and the sweetness. A name is so final, so permanent when I don’t know if this pregnancy is going to last. I fully anticipate having this baby but I also anticipated having Cora. It triggers the feelings that if we lose this baby then that will be another name I have to learn to say in public. Another name I have to learn not to flinch at and hope that I don’t meet a sweet little child with that name. I didn’t expect to have this much trouble but I just haven’t been able to do it yet. Poor Paul, he has thrown out a million suggestions. And he would of had the name picked 3 months ago but I’ve been dragging my feet. So, hopefully we will have a name soon.

Overall, its been a wonderful 5 weeks 5 days since I last gave an update. He is growing and kicking me every day to give assurances. His heartbeat is easy to find on our fetal doppler. We’ve roughly got 12 weeks and 2 days-ish until we meet this sweet no-named kiddo.

Grow baby grow!

Below is a profile shot and an AMAZING video from his 24 week appointment!

Cheers to the Bright Side <3.

Hello baby boy!! 24 weeks is looking good on you!


He is drinking the amniotic fluid at the beginning of the video and then he gives a big kick at the end. He’s also pursing his lips a little. It is so incredible to see what they get up to in there. I am so thankful to get to see these precious moments.





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