Cora’s Kindness – Diaper Drive!

Cora’s 3rd Birthday is two weeks from today. This is such a weird time of year for me. My birthday as well as my son’s birthday both take place in March. It is such a happy time. A time for celebration. A time of joy. And then abruptly, the feelings change. I start to see April 8 creep in on the calendar, start making plans for the weekend before her birthday. The weekend that should hold a 3 year old’s birthday party but instead is left void. And it starts to feel heavy.

Simultaneously, Facebook is reminding me of my “memories” that took place this time of year. The last weeks that I carried her. The last events we went to and the last pictures that were taken with my big belly. Seeing the pictures with such joy on our faces and knowing what was to come – its just so hard to relive. It’s hard to go back to those dark places in my heart and mind. The feelings and struggles I carry with me but now am able to (mostly) cope with. Its difficult to let myself go there but once a year it is sure to happen.

This year, for Cora’s birthday, I want to channel my energy into an act of kindness for a local non-profit here in East Dallas. I heard this spot on our local NPR station, KERA 90.1 FM, about Diapers Etc. Diapers Etc. provides 10,000-12,000 diapers a MONTH to families in need. On the last Saturday of each month, they distribute diapers along with wipes, diaper cream, and other goods not covered by government programs/service providers. I knew in my heart this is exactly where we need to help. Cora sent me a sign from above <3. So, starting today through April 10th, we will be hosting a supply drive to stock Diapers Etc. full of the goods they need!

How can you help?

  1. Donate via the Amazon Wish List created for the event. Find the list HERE. I will be updating the list throughout the event to make sure we get as many supplies as possible. The supplies will ship directly to Diapers Etc. so its quick and easy!
  2. Spread the word! Share the Amazon Wish List with your family, friends, & colleagues. We want to reach as many people as possible. 

Thank you for your support of my family and Cora’s memory. She has taught me so much in 3 years. The biggest lessons have been the importance of a community and taking care of those around us. We were wrapped up in so much love following the weeks and months of Cora’s death. We are making it our mission to spread the love and kindness to those around us <3. 

Cheers to the Bright Side,

The Boyd Family 

Below are some of the last photos taken of my pregnancy with Cora.

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