A Thankful Heart After Loss

Today, many people are going to be experiencing their first Thanksgiving following a major loss in their life. Whether its losing a parent, spouse, friend, grandparent, pet or in our case a child, it is always daunting to think of a holiday gathering after a loss. This time last year, we were dreaming & musing on what this Thanksgiving would look like. Well, it’s definitely not going to look like what we thought. BUT, that is okay. Despite this crummy year we have had, we still have much to be thankful for. Below is what I am extremely thankful for this year:

Our family and friends: While this seems obvious, we are so grateful for our family and friends. You are everything to us. We love you and we would be so lost without each one of you. The unexpected meals, the coordinated meals, the gifts, the support, the prayers, the laughs, the tears, and the willingness to talk to us about Cora. You have no idea how much your actions have helped heal our hearts.

Our pets: We have two fur-babies. Klaus, our kitty and Khaleesi, our dog. After losing Cora, it’s like they knew we needed some extra loving. Those weeks spent laying in bed, Klaus would cuddled up to me every day. Right next to my face. Normally he sleeps in the crook of my knees but for about three months he slept right next to my head. Khalessi just brings so much joy to our day. She is always so happy to see us and the simplest thing makes her so happy. I would watch her frolic around our backyard chasing the squirrels or her own tail. It brought many bright spots to our dark days. Having our fur-babies at home gave us a sense of normalcy and something to take care of.

Our jobs: We are so grateful for our work. Our jobs provided us the resources we needed to grieve while not being worried we would have to return too soon or lose our positions. But also, the people we work with. They gave us so much support in many ways.

Texas Hill Country Wine: Y’all, our trip to Fredricksburg was amazing. I’ve got a pile of bottles waiting for when I’m allowed to drink again. Hooray!

The Chicago Cubs: I did not grow up a fan as  I am from Texas. I married into a crazy Cubs family who adore their Cubs. They’ve cheered them on through everything and their World Series win was one of the few things that has brought pure joy to this family this year. I know many people needed those Cubs to win, but their timing could not have been more perfect for a family that needed something to smile about.

The Dallas Cowboys: I am a massive Cowboys fan and football fan. While this may not be extremely important in the grand scheme of things, it just really fun when you’re team is winning.

Our new Church: We have been searching for a church home. It has not been easy as we tend to like older churches. We like the organ playing, structured services, and singing from our hymnal. We found one near our home that is perfect for our growing family. Our first service was Christmas Eve last year and Cora responded to the organ so I have a special love for that organ.

Fantastic Beasts: Okay, y’all know my love for Harry Potter. The chance to have more of JK Rowling’s imagination in my life will always make me happy!

My time with Cora: I am grateful for the 36 weeks and 6 days I got to carry Cora. She made me a mom and she has forever changed my life.

Baby Boy: I have no doubt this baby has and will continue to make this holiday season a teeny tiny bit easier for us. I am thankful for each kick, each backache, each time I complain that I feel like I’m the size of a house, each heartbeat, and for each time he shows off at his sonogram. We have 15 weeks to go little man, keep growing.

My husband: I try to tell you each day that I am so thankful for you. This year has been so hard on us but also beautiful in many other ways. Thank you for making me laugh, thank you for helping take my boots off when I can’t reach my toes. Thank you for rubbing my back when it hurts and feeding me when I’m about to have a hangry meltdown. Most of all, thank you for your love and loyalty.  In a year full of uncertainty, you are one thing I never have to doubt.

If there is someone missing from your table this year, I hope you are able to find some happiness in your day. I hope my little list shows that there are many things to be thankful for, no matter how big or small. I hope your day is full of love and laughter. And I hope you remember to be thankful for those who are not at your table,  no matter how much time you had with your loved one, they are worth being thankful for.

Klaus cuddles
Miss Khaleesi
Khaleesi had a battle with a stick…she lost.
Cookies? What Cookies?


Cheers to the Bright Side ❤





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