Let’s start from the very beginning…

Before baby, came Scarlet & Paul.

PS First
Look at these babies! We had a special connection over playing Big Buck Hunter in shady bars :).

I met Paul in the late spring of 2011. I had friends that played on his rugby team. I swore up and down that I would never date a rugby player but this one was different. The night we met he told me he was a school teacher…I laughed. You see, I hold a special place in my heart for teachers, my mother, sister, and brother have all taught or are current teachers so how could this curly haired blonde boy know that a teacher line would work on me? I did not believe him so he showed me his school I.D. He was telling the truth! He then went on to tell me all sorts of jokes and make me laugh all night. I was smitten from the beginning…dang it!

Fast forward two years later to May 25, 2013. Paul took me to our favorite museum in Dallas and proposed. I hardly remember what he said but I do know that I did not even allow him to finish his question before I answered.  There are letters around Dallas that spell out “B_G” and a person is supposed to stand in the middle to make the “I”. People had been coming up with creative ways to make the “I” so Paul made sure I was standing in the “I” spot while he got down on one knee. *WARNING*: You will see a mullet in these photos…shocking….I know :).

We got married the following July in McKinney, Texas. It was one of the best days of my life. Yes, I know that is cliché but it was. Not only did I get to marry Paul but my family and best friends were all there with me. Paul & I are so lucky to have an incredible group of family and friends. Since I cannot choose color schemes…I decided to go with them all. Meaning, we had a fiesta themed wedding! It was ah-mazing! Complete with our own fancy hashtag: #boydsarehere. We still use that hashtag now 🙂

We spent two glorious weeks in Hawaii for our honeymoon. One week on Kauai and another week on Oahu. We spent those two weeks drinking rum on the beach and dreaming what our life would be like.

After our honeymoon, we came back to Dallas to start our married lives. We bought our first house in East Dallas, got a dog named Khaleesi to go with our kitty named Klaus, and couldn’t wait to start our family. We told ourselves we would wait a year until we tried to get pregnant. In that first year, we spent our time building a solid foundation for our marriage. A foundation that I am so grateful for today. He is the brightest part of my day, he makes me laugh like no one else can, he encourages me and supports me, and he loves me.

That is us 🙂


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