I think back on these last six years (and last year in particular) ¬†and my heart swells with pride. When we met six years ago, I had no idea the adventures I was about to embark on. From the lazy sundays spent watching Lost and eating Cafe Izmir to our epic road trip to New Orleans & Pensacola. From visiting Harry Potter world to unpacking boxes in our new house. From our “reading dates” to our gym dates. Life with you sure has been beautiful.

Month 6: Have Courage & Be Kind (Cora’s Rules)

A conversation I’ve thought of over and over again occurred before Paul & I drove back up to the hospital to be induced. We had been wondering around the house, in shock, trying to process what was about to happen. I was sitting on the edge of our couch, both of us were in tears… Continue reading Month 6: Have Courage & Be Kind (Cora’s Rules)